14 oktober 2021
12:30 uur - 13:30 uur

CO2 Capture and Storage Port of Rotterdam

Speaker: Bram Herfkens, Storage Project Lead Porthos

OT Zuid-Holland
AfbeeldingTransport 1.jpg
Euregion Maas-Rhine
De uiterste inschrijfdatum is 12 oktober 2021
14 oktober 2021
15:45 uur - 17:45 uur

The Future of TRANSPORT in the Euregion Maas-Rhine

Hydrogen, trains, boats.... They are all technological solutions that could contribute to the future of transport or present innovation and trends that could change the way in which we are used to see certain technologies. Each country is different in terms of laws, regulations, infrastructures, available resources and knowledge. As a result, countries in the Euregion Maas-Rhine are all using different technological solutions within their specific governmental climate. This event aims at providing you an overview of the innovations and trends in the transport sector that will be used in the future for Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

RLZ Limburg
Online course
15 oktober 2021 t/m 1 juli 2022

Introduction to Cybersecurity

With billions of devices now online, new threats pop-up every second. Today’s interconnected world makes everyone more susceptible to cyber-attacks.