Hiber’s global IoT connectivity service (yes, we must find a better way to describe it) is known as Hiberband. It is the world’s first truly affordable Low Power Global Area Network (LPGAN). The satellites are in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) at just 600km above Earth’s surface.wo and a half years ago, the founders of Hiber wondered why only 10% of the globe was covered with gsm and mobile networks. Something that really sucked. There had to be a way to make connecting to the IoT affordable and accessible for everyone on our beautiful planet. Not just for the affluent, heavily populated and first-world nations. Today, after a lot of hard work, inspirational thinking, late nights and probably too much coffee Hiber’s dream is a reality.

A giant leap for connectivity as Hiberband launches its first two nano satellites

Late 2018 saw the successful launch of Hiber’s first two nano satellites. The first of many. HiberOne launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, India on Tuesday, 29th November. HiberTwo, launched a few days later on Monday, 3rd December from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. We’re please to say both our space babies are doing well and pinging ‘beeps’ back to Mother Earth already.

The launch is only one small step

Unlike traditional satellites which operate at 36,000km, are often the size of a bus, take years to develop and cost millions of dollars, Hiber’s are only 10cm square, easy to develop and operate at just 600km. Making them highly practical and affordable. However, launching our satellites is only the start of our journey to revolutionise the world’s IoT connectivity.

Today, Hiber’s nano satellites are ready and waiting above us to start receiving and sending data. Despite being tiny, the 144 byte data packages they use are anything but petite. This ability to send large these amounts of data affordably really does open up the IoT to everyone, anywhere on our planet. Be that the busiest city, darkest jungle, widest ocean, highest mountain, coldest pole or, as we at Hiber like to say, even your mom’s backyard.

This is where the dedication of the Hiber backroom team really come to the forefront. From day one they have been working towards and beyond a successful launch. So let’s have a look at the service in a little more detail and how much effort, and donuts, it takes to get operational.


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