The Delft Hyperloop IV team has worked for over a year in developing the pod Atlas04.

After long days and night of production, assembly and testing, it was time for the record attempt. On 17 July 2020 the Delft Hyperloop team broke the speed record with 360 km/hour at the open air track in Hilversum. The previous record of 202 km/hour was achieved in the vacuum tube at SpaceX , due to Covid-19, travelling to Los Angeles was no option this year. 

Sasha Ivlev, Chief Engineer of the Delft Hyperloop student team, explain the success of the pod Atlas04. Sasha explains how, the main partner of Delft Hyperloop, Cognizant, added knowledge and insight into systems engineering, as well as ideas how to put it into practise. A result is that the risk management system within the Delft Hyperloop team has expended greatly. The risks have been quantified much better and the impact has been split into the impact on the subsystem itself and the connected subsystems. Thanks to Cognizant, this is a big improvement as usually the impact on the subsystem itself was the first priority. Due to the quantification of this in a criticality analysis, the most critical systems could be systematically tackled. This risk analysis has also been more effectively implemented in our test-plans and protocols. We are proud to have achieved the ideal end result for the team by breaking the Hyperloop speed record! For more information please visit: